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  • Authentically Wired
    Water and a lot more from Paul F. Miller.
  • AWRA
    The water resources blog of the American Water Resources Association.
  • Blue Marble Earth
    An articulate Earth scientist with an MS in Geography from Oregon State University, Courtney van Stolk explores the 'whys' of this fantastic planet.
  • California Water Blog
    A biologist, economist, engineer and geologist walk onto a bar…From the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC-Davis.
  • Campanastan
    That's 'Campana-stan', or 'Place of Campana', formerly 'Aquablog'. Michael Campana's personal blog, promulgating his Weltanschauung.
  • Chance of Rain
    Journalist Emily Green's take on water and related issues.
  • Dr. Anne Jefferson's Watershed Hydrology Lab
    Anne blogs from Kent State University on a variety of earth science topics.
  • Great Lakes Law
    Noah Hall's blog about - what else - all things wet and legal in the Great Lakes region!
  • International Water Law Project
    Gabriel Eckstein, Professor of Law at Texas A&M University School of Law, comments on international and transboundary water law and policy.
  • John Fleck
    Former science writer @ Albuquerque Journal and current director of the Water Resources Program at U of NM. Topics: Colorado River basin, Western USA water, more!
  • Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy
    From the UC-Berkeley and UCLA law schools, it highlights the latest legal and policy initiatives and examines their implications.
  • Maven's Notebook
    A water, science, and environmental policy blog by Chris Austin, aka 'Maven'. Focus is on California.
  • On The Public Record
    A 'low level civil servant who reads a lot of government reports writes about California water and related topics.
  • Wettit - the water reddit
    Water blog with tons of news items, other blogs, etc.
  • Texas Agriculture Law Blog
    Don't let the name fool you - there are lots of water issues in agriculture and Tiffany Dowell of Texas A&M University does a fabulous job with this important Internet resource. Give it a read - I do every day!
  • The Water Blog
    From the Portland, OR, Water Bureau.
  • The Way of Water
    Dr. Jennifer Veilleux records her fieldwork, research, and thoughts about water resources development and management, indigenous rights, ethics, and a host of other issues.
  • Thirsty in Suburbia
    Gayle Leonard documents things from the world of water that make us smile: particularly funny, amusing and weird items on bottled water, water towers, water marketing, recycling, the art-water nexus and working.
  • This Day in Water History
    Michael J. 'Mike' McGuire, engineer extraordinaire, NAE member, and author of 'The Chlorine Revolution', blogs about historical happenings in the fields of drinking water and wastewater keyed to calendar dates.
  • WaSH Resources
    New publications, web sites and multi-media on water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH).
  • Waste, Water, Whatever
    Elizabeth Royte's ('Bottlemania', 'Garbage Land') notes on waste, water, whatever.
  • Water Matters
    News from the Columbia University Water Center.
  • Watershed Moments: Thoughts from the Hydrosphere
    From Sarah Boon - rediscovering her writing and editing roots after 13 years, primarily as an environmental scientist. Her writing centres around creative non-fiction, specifically memoir and nature writing. The landscapes of western Canada are her main inspiration.
  • WaterWired
    All things freshwater: news, comment, publications and analysis from hydrogeologist Michael E. Campana, Professor at Oregon State University and Technical Director of the AWRA.

Blogs, Twitters, WWW sites, e-Newsletters, & Lists

Elaine J. Hanford's Bulletin Boards: 1) Geoscience; 2) Environmental Science; 3) Coastal Zone Management - 13 February 2023

From @AWRAHQ: WEBINAR: 'Desalination of the Caspian Sea: A Potential Policy Framework', Wednesday, 15 February 2023, 1-2 PM EST (US). Speakers: Jahan Taganova, Independent Researcher & Nathan Hutson. U. of North Texas.

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 9.14.24 PM



Here are the BBs:

PDF: Download EJH_Bulletin_WW_13Feb2023_Boards

Word: Download EJH_Bulletin_WW_13Feb2023_Boards-

The articles displayed herein are selected by Dr. Elaine J. Hanford. I do not necessarily agree with the viewpoints expressed and the article descriptions that precede each link.


Geoscience Bulletin Board – 13 February 2023 – compiled by Elaine J. Hanford

Mount Washington in New Hampshire reached coldest temperature since 1885 – minus 46 with wind speeds close to 135 mph resulted in minus 108-degree wind chill

KGS report on landslides & debris flows associated with July 2022 flooding in Eastern Kentucky

7.5M aftershock caught on camera following M7.8 event in Turkey – strike-slip faulting near Triple Junction – satellite imagery of impacts – aftershocks along fault zone

Is it true that earthquakes cannot be predicted?  Only if you say “sooner or later there will be a big event”

California will inevitably be subjected to The Big One – how prepared is Bay area?

Israel needs to prepare for moderate or major earthquake “in our lifetime”

Earthquakes in Western New York are rare

Glen Canyon being exposed once again as Lake Powell declines – “America’s lost national park”

Marking the anniversary of Charles Dawin sailing aboard the HMS Beagle on 20 February 1935

Geology of the Owyhee Canyonlands of eastern Oregon

Jupiter Mines Tshipi Borwa open-pit manganese mine in Kalahari field in Northern Cape of South Africa

USGS records $3.6B increase in nonfuel mineral production in 2020 to total of $98.2B

Updated mineral resource estimate for Cerro Caliche Gold Project

Fossil record shows nature coped with toxic metals from hot spring in what is now Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Tracking an accelerating landslide in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rockslide that closed SR208 is slowly being cleared in Lyon County, Nevada (video)

Birds evolved and thrived while other dinosaurs became extinct

Using radiocarbon in paleoceanography

Fiery mud volcano erupts in Wandan Township in southern Taiwan

Examining asteroid impact simulation in slow motion – analyzing lamellar structures

US DOE will finance $700M to developer of Rhyolite Ridge lithium mine in Nevada conditional on obtaining all permits – Native Americans oppose project that would impact sacred lands & endangered species

Deadly landslides triggered in southern Peru

New molten layer discovered in the asthenosphere

Understanding how penguins “fly” through the water

8 earthquakes that have historically hit Malta since 1693

Comparing end-Triassic extinction event to modern conditions

Relationships among climate, erosion and the global sand budget, including Cenozoic deep-sea sand deposits

80 myo fossil plant was ancestor to coffee, tomatoes, potatoes and mint

Brightness of Southern Ocean clouds links back to phytoplankton productivity

“Minecraft-inspired” geology game consists of box of rocks & bilingual clue cards

Contributions of Thomas Benton Brooks (1836-1900) – geologist, prospector, mining & civil engineer

WHOI webinar on 22 February 2023:  Hydrothermal Vents! Exploring hot springs on the deep seafloor

California could face back-to-back mega-earthquakes along southern & northern sections of San Andreas

Book Review:  “We are all whalers” - The plight of whales

Predicting differences in temperature between the land and the sea

Chucarosaurus diripienda – newly identified late Cretaceous titanosaurian from Argentina

Geology explains North Country earthquakes – Western Quebec Seismic Zone & Southern Lakes Seismic Zone

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