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Elaine Hanford's Bulletin Boards

Elaine J. Hanford's Bulletin Boards: 1) Geoscience; 2) Environmental Science; 3) Coastal Zone Management - 17 October 2022

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.25.12 PM
On October 5, the University of Arizona community suffered a huge loss with the tragic and senseless death of Dr. Thomas Meixner, professor and department head of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences. He was beloved by friends and family and highly regarded by his colleagues. At the WRRC, Meixner was considered a kindred spirit: he led efforts to make University of Arizona (UArizona) water science locally and regionally relevant, encouraging his students and colleagues to do the same.
Assistant Dean for Faculty Advancement in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Jean McLain, who was the WRRC’s Associate Director for six years, wrote that when she first met Tom, “I was struck by his no-nonsense attitude — he would enter a meeting with a goal or an agenda, and that goal would be accomplished. It was quite impressive — and I quickly learned to trust his judgment.” In her first months at the WRRC, Meixner encouraged her to succeed him as a member of the City of Tucson Citizens’ Water Advisory Committee, believing the committee should have an effective UArizona presence. Not only was he mentoring a colleague new to water resources, but he also was ensuring continued UArizona engagement with the water community. Remembering their interactions, WRRC Director Sharon Megdal stated “Tom was an absolutely wonderful colleague — as good a colleague as there could be. … He was brilliant. Tom was generous with his time and counsel and was always responsive. He helped the campus community in so many ways … I can still hear him saying "understood." He understood so much! … My heartfelt sympathies to the family and all who knew and/or worked with Tom.”

Please support Tom's family - Kathleen, Sean and Brendan through Go Fund Me.

Rest in peace, Tom!


Here are Elaine's BBs as PDF and Word documents:

PDF: Download EJH_Bulletin_Boards_WW_17Oct2022

Word: Download EJH_Bulletin_Boards_WW17Oct2022

Note: If a link does not work, try pasting the URL into your browser. Elaine

The articles displayed herein are selected by Dr. Elaine J. Hanford. I do not necessarily agree with the viewpoints expressed and the article descriptions that precede each link.


Geoscience Bulletin Board - 17 October 2022 – compiled by Elaine J. Hanford

Seequent will offer free 6-hour online training on Leapfrog Geothermal on 9-10 November 2022

Best hikes in Chile

Latest pictures from Hawaiian Volcano Observatory of Halema‘uma‘u at the summit of Kīlauea 

Strange tale of James Hutton – warning:  may contain metamorphic schists – Hutton loved a laugh

South Africa has fantastic geological prospectivity

500 myo marine sedimentary formation discovered in Sudan

Impact crater field in Wyoming

New insight into formation of the Giant’s Causeway

The next destructive earthquake in the Hikurangi subduction zone of New Zealand frictional-viscous flow at shallow crustal levels

Current & future O&G production and exploration in the Lake Eyre Basin in Australia

The molecular-level processes being crystals, strips and basalt columns

The Moon is slowly distancing from Earth – 3.8 cm per year currently means slower rate of Earth rotation – Milankovitch cycles frequency determines climatic precession cycle

New species of Tardigrades (aka Water Bears or Moss Pigs) living in the glaciers of New Zealand

Great Hurricane of 1780 – winds 320 km/h (199 mph) – 22,000 died across Lesser Antilles – wide-spread destruction on Caribbean Islands

Atmospheric ice-nucleating particles (IPNs) play critical role in cloud formation & precipitation

Computer models trace tectonic plate pathways back a billion years (animations)

Toward understanding impacts of plasma jets on Earth magnetic shield

Two different formation mechanisms yield long-lived warm core rings emanating from the Gulf Stream

Visualizing the largest iron ore producing countries – Australia, then Brazil, then China…

The Caucasus Region is first defined by geology, then population and politics

First (and only) cobalt mine in the US opening in Idaho

USS Gerald R. Ford has now deployed – nuclear powered advanced aircraft carrier has EMALS launch system

Water levels in the Salton Sea steadily declining – created in 1905 by breach of irrigation canal

Delineating major ocean currents & quantifying energy of currents larger than 1,000 km

No surprise – corals pass mutations to their offspring

Toward understanding Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica

33rd Anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake

Alternate fossilization pathway for dinosaur soft tissues

Some Megafauna species survived in the highlands of Papua New Guinea until 20,000 years ago

New species of Ordovician horseshoe crab discovered in Canada

Crystal traces in late Oligocene fossil leaves originate from calcium oxalate

Erect-crested penguins reject first egg and then lay a second larger egg

Oceanographic mission to probe geologic history of southern Aegean and Santorini volcano

Submarine volcanic eruption stimulated rapid massive bloom of ocean phytoplankton in Tonga

New weather model more accurately predicts typhoon intensity

NASA S-MODE will deploy new generation of tools to monitor whirlpools, currents & air-sea dynamics in the Pacific Ocean

Geologic kits and sets from National Geographic in time for early Christmas shopping

Interview:  The geology of fracking

Active, dormant and extinct – classifying volcanoes

Stunning remote sensing imagery reveals geology

British Geological Survey publishing new series of high-resolution offshore geological maps

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy (WAGB 20) reached the North Pole

The deepest spots in the ocean

Contemplating another Little Ice Age

Minerals are the foundation of everyday life

Environmental Science Bulletin Board - 17 October 2022 – compiled by Elaine J. Hanford

Interactive map to learn which Native American lands you are now living on – also languages and relevant treaties

Ignorant "woke" perspective invokes misguided politics & wants Indigenous Peoples Day cancelled - "any civilization that attacked, enslaved, and conquered not worth honoring or celebrating"

Population ever increasing in areas prone to wildfires – now finally raising the right question:  should rebuilding occur?

China began hoarding PPE in August & September – months before outbreak of covid was recognized in December 2019

Government policies have resulted in 8.5% median decline in real wages – most severe in 25 years

In college (i.e., in all levels of education) students should not “get” a grade but should earn them

Some states continue to deploy military to US Southern Border amid ongoing illegal immigration crisis


CDC issued health advisory to raise awareness of outbreak of Ebola – case fatality rate around 50%

Coal ash pollution persists for decades in sediments in North Carolina Lakes

Benefit of regular colonoscopies to screen for cancer may be overestimated

California high-speed rail off the tracks due to politics, unrealistic cost estimates, flawed engineering & “too big to fail” attitude – ultimate cost now estimated as high as $105 billion

Giant Saguaro of the Sonoran Desert in SW US – threatened by drought & invasive species

Tale of woe – the first RSV vaccine catastrophically made illness much worse in children

More than 40% of surveyed Americans lied about covid risk & vaccination status during pandemic & ignored draconian “safety precautions”

Covid lockdowns harmed children more than the virus – still seeing higher levels of anxiety & depression than before covid

While some humans continue to fear-monger, the virus is winning the war by mutating – declining death rate decoupled from infection rate beginning in January 2021 – case fatality rates below 2% for almost 80% of countries and at/below 2.5% for 89 % of countries (only 1.1% in the US)

“California’s entire state government…is completely clueless about energy policy” – ‘green bureaucracy’ gets verbal smackdown

How much does it cost to charge an EV? If the grid can supply the electric power

Coalinga, California, running out of water – did little to conserve over many years of drought

Prescribed burns – the good, the bad and the ugly

States consider mileage tax to offset loss of estimated $140B gas tax revenue – add to cost of using EV

Florida Dept of Health analysis showed 84% increase in relative incidence of cardio-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days of mRNA vaxx – Twitter blocked sharing then restored the post

Pfizer exec admits to European Parliament that covid-19 vaccine was never tested on ability to prevent human-to-human transmission

Confirmed that 6 endangered wolves found dead in NE Washington were poisoned 

New Zealand proposed plan to tax cow & sheep burps and peeing not being well-received by farmers

OMG!  Self-imposed climate change by microbial life may have ended life on Mars – they did not burn any fossil fuels

115 animals seized in Lassen County, California, during massive neglect investigation

Technological hazard – Stephen Hawking believed technology could also pose major threat to humanity

National Parks of Alberta, Canada, through an Indigenous lens

Global fertility rate may drop below 1.7

Ligers, zorses and pizzlies, oh, my!!

Dominican Republic crackdowns on migrants from Haiti to enforce border policies

Vaxx updates have lost momentum – US government order for 170M booster doses off by more than 90% at cost of $5 billion taxpayer dollars – “experts” say lack of boosters will cause new variants which is counter-intuitive since virus mutates in response to vaccines & boosters – FDA approves booster for kids

Plastic Pollution Prevention & Packaging Producer Responsibility Act in California may not be as good as it sounds – like asking the fox to guard the hen house & provides for exemptions for “unique challenges”

Dredging reopened parts of the Mississippi River to shipping but parts of Ohio River closing due to declining water levels

Visualizing the most surveilled cities – big brother is watching with CCTV – 54% of cameras in China

Visualizing range of EVs vs. gas-powered cars – no contest as median gas car travels twice as far

On the 60th anniversary of the publication of “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

Poll finds voters overwhelmingly support chemical regulation & want products from of harmful chemicals

The dangers of skin lightening products that contain mercury

How “green” are biofuels? – impacts on agriculture and land use – plowing up grasslands, clearing trees & draining wetlands

Numerous factors (not always identified) can lead to instability of complex ecosystems

Die-off of amphibians in Costa Rica & Panama leads to malaria spike

Nevada launches interactive “Nevada Trail Finder” for recreational trails across the state

Yakima Basin groundwater (and connected surface water) is being depleted for irrigation – plan to import water via new 10-mile pipeline to divert Yakima River water with fees based on acreage irrigated

Lifetime risk of developing disease is influenced by genetic, demographic, behavioral, physiological and socio-economic factors – question is how to properly assess that risk?

UN admits it might give science a more prominent role in forming global policymaking – that assumes that a one-size-fits-all global policy approach is a good thing

Explosions and fires at hazardous materials recycling business in Fernley, Nevada

The Left made a unilateral decision to shut down all opposition/skepticism about “climate change” by pronouncing the debate was over since mythical “scientific consensus” has been reached - another step toward totalitarianism – scientific inquiry means questioning and challenging conventional wisdom

Perspective:  Civilization is fragile beneath a thin veneer – our social environment is under attack by regressive progressivism

Hawaii DOT testing asphalt mix with recycled plastic polymer in pilot project

Initiative in Rio Grande basin in New Mexico USFS plans to fight fire with more fires – will past mistakes be repeated?

Perspective:  Los Angeles, California, is running out of time to solve its water crisis

Presumptive model suggests more than 57,000 sites across the US are contaminated with PFAS forever chemicals – “a large underestimation”

USDA releases proposed regulatory framework to reduce salmonella infections linked to poultry products – will hold virtual public meeting & seek public input

Coastal Zone Management Bulletin Board - 17 October 2022 – compiled by Elaine J. Hanford

Population ever increasing in coastal hazard zone – now finally raising the right question:  should rebuilding occur after devastating hurricanes?

Mahi mahi dwindling in the Florida Keys – thick monofilament lines used to target them en masse – some lines as long as 11 miles with 70 longline vessels currently targeting mahi mahi

5 California Native American tribes will use traditional knowledge to protect 200+ miles of coastal land significant to their history - $3.6M in state funds to support continued efforts

Warning issued – at least 3 live Simulator Hand Grenades washed up on central Oregon coast

California Geological Survey updates tsunami maps for 5 San Francisco Bay area counties

Tsunami hazard map for Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Kerch Bridge explosion – road & railroad sections between Crimea and Tuzla Island – single beam linked multiple spans of bridge

Why Venice was built on water & what it takes to maintain its “float”

Legal framework established for resolving safety issues in design of New Harbor Bridge Project in Corpus Christi, Texas

Doing the Biden math?  Average offshore oil leasing costs $47 per acre versus $6,000 for wind so report suggests wind is better b/c generates more energy & tax revenue

Alaska cancels season for Bristol Bay king crab and for smaller snow crabs – species abundance declining

Chesapeake Bay will once again (third time) miss self-imposed cleanup deadline

Significant rates of subsidence in Houston, Texas, suburbs

1,373-km HV submarine cable will link 9.5 FW of solar & wind power in Egypt to Attica region of Greece

Speculating on the future of Cape Cod – erosion, sea level fluctuation, and beach properties

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, USGS is retrieving more than 250 water level sensors that measured storm surge and wave heights along Gulf & Atlantic coasts

Septic system waste may seep into coastal homes if sea level rises/land subsides in North Carolina

"It’s not that we don’t trust you to do your job right, we just need proof." - @ass_deans

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